Native Australian Flowers Bouquet

Enjoy Our Native Australia Flowers Bouquet

When it comes to using native Australian flowers in a bouquet, the result is a stunning creation with rich, earthy and bold colours that you can use for any occasion. From beautiful wedding bouquets to anniversary flowers, congratulation blooms and more, we use a wide selection of native unique forms to create our gorgeous displays.

What You Should Know About Using Native Australian Flowers in a Bouquet

You can surprise your recipient, boost their mood, and put a smile on their face with a beautiful arrangement of native flowers delivered to their home.

  • We have an extensive selection of flowers: Selecting the ideal native flower to go in your bouquet is difficult, which is why our florists provide exceptional customer service, including assisting you in a custom creation. While there are more than 24 000 native plants in Australia, the most popular flowers include Banksia, Waratah, Eucalyptus, Bottlebrush, and Golden Wattles. With large and unique forms, fragrant scents, and various colours, these flowers ensure endless bouquet arrangements.
  • They are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bouquets: With the emergence of the classic boho trend in homewares and fashion, native flower arrangements are becoming more popular. These flowers have a natural, rustic aesthetic that fits in perfectly with the boho style, however, the vibrant colour and texture also ensure that they can fit seamlessly with everyone’s taste.
  • They are long-lasting: You can get more value and enjoyment out of a native flower bouquet as they are durable and resilient. These cut flowers can easily last more than two weeks, and most native blooms dry out well, so you can make a keepsake from a special arrangement such as a bridal bouquet.


Benefits of Native Flowers Delivered

There are numerous benefits to having your native flowers delivered.

  • You ensure proper transportation: When you use our delivery service, we ensure that your flowers receive the utmost care and arrive in the same condition that they left the shop. We have the ideal supports and containers to prevent your bouquet from falling over and getting damaged while in transit.
  • There is an element of surprise: Receiving flowers is exciting, and not knowing who they are from only adds to the excitement. You can prolong the mystery with a delivery from our florists so that your recipient has to read your message to discover who sent the bouquet.
  • You can order from long-distance: Whether you live across town or in another city, you can save yourself a trip by using the florist delivery service. The florist will ensure that they are delivered promptly, and it saves you the hassle of a long-distance journey.


About Nativa Floral

You can get a stunning arrangement of flowers from our highly experienced and skilled florists. We have a wide selection of pre-arranged bouquets, or we can create a custom arrangement to suit your requirements. We provide exceptional customer service and quality displays. Contact us with any questions or to place a special order.