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Bridal Veil Plant

Bridal Veil Plant

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Tahitian Bridal Veil indoor plant is a flowering houseplant with trailing dark green leaves, thin purple stems, and delicate white flowers, that resemble a bridal veil. This species comes from the tropical zones of Central and South America. ... The plant prefers partial or filtered sunlight and does not tolerate direct sun.

Bridal veil requires very little light in order to thrive and prefers soil that is slightly moist. This plant is attractive when planted in a hanging pot, but will do well in any container that has sufficient drainage.

 Bridal Veil Plants like to be warm, so keep the plant in an area that stays between 55-75 degrees.

Be very careful not to over-water a Bridal Veil Plant. If you keep the soil of a Bridal Veil Plant too wet, the roots will rot and the plant die. The best way to water a bridal veil Plant is to wait until the plant is almost completely dry and then water well until the water comes out the bottom drip holes. Never allow a Bridal Veil Plant to sit in water.

Prune aggressively to keep a Bridal Veil Plant full and bushy. A Bridal Veil Plant roots easily in water or soil, and you can use clippings to share your plant with others or start new plants yourself and give them as gifts.

Feed a Bridal Veil Plant with a well-balanced plant food every few weeks when it is actively growing. Always dilute the plant food to 1/4 the recommended strength so it doesn’t burn the roots of the plant.


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